Ansys Fluent 14.5 Distribution using Platform MPI on Windows workstations

Test Workstations Details

Node Hostnames:,,
Cores: 8 cores/node


• Ansys Fluent 14.5 should be installed on all the workstation in the default installation location.
• Platform MPI Installation & service should be running on workstations (Installation Instructions can be found at “%AWP_ROOT145%\commonfiles\MPI\Platform\8.2.1\Windows\INSTALL_Platform-MPI_README.mht”)
• Connect all three workstations to AD or have identical username & password across all the workstations

Hostname File Preparation

Crete a text file called hostnames.txt on the user’s desktop
In my case, Each cores will be defined per line. You can also follow the Platform MPI hostfile definitions.
Cores Distribution Example : Fore cores from, fore cores from & all eight cores from

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