Star-CCM+ Performance Improvement

There are couple of methods available to improve performance of Star-CCM+ jobs in parallel environment using IBM Platform MPI on HPC.

Here, I discuss about Core locking / CPU binding method which significantly improves performance. Core locking  will binds a rank to a logical processor (cores) to prevent a process from moving to a
different logical processor after start-up.

Core locking can be done using  “-aff ” mpi option. Below is the syntax with core locking option in Star-CCM+ version 8.06

starccm+ -rsh ssh -mpidriver platform:”-prot -IBV -aff=automatic:default:core” -batchsystem <lsf /pbs /sge> -power -batch -np <no of cores> <input file>

Detailed options can be found in IBM Platform MPI User’s Guide.

Here is the benchmark result before & after the Core locking implementation done.

Benckmark Case: HL-20 MACH 10 (Hypersonic Drag Polar – 6.4 million cell single region polyhedral mesh – Coupled solver)

S. No No of cores ~Time taken / Iteration (in sec)
Before  After
1 72 7 4
2 36 11 7




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