Ansys Fluent 14.5 Distribution using Platform MPI on Windows workstations

Test Workstations Details

Node Hostnames:,,
Cores: 8 cores/node


• Ansys Fluent 14.5 should be installed on all the workstation in the default installation location.
• Platform MPI Installation & service should be running on workstations (Installation Instructions can be found at “%AWP_ROOT145%\commonfiles\MPI\Platform\8.2.1\Windows\INSTALL_Platform-MPI_README.mht”)
• Connect all three workstations to AD or have identical username & password across all the workstations

Hostname File Preparation

Crete a text file called hostnames.txt on the user’s desktop
In my case, Each cores will be defined per line. You can also follow the Platform MPI hostfile definitions.
Cores Distribution Example : Fore cores from, fore cores from & all eight cores from



Launch Ansys Fluent 14.5 & select necessary options


Click on Parallel Settings and do the following things

1. Click on Validate Platform MPI Password (for first time or alter password change)
2. Click on Distributed Memory on a Cluster -> File Containing Machine Names -> Browse the hostnames.txt file

3. Click on OK button to start the job in distributed mode

4. Just skip the warning message & click on OK


5. Now Ansys Fluent Main application will be launched. This will get all the required licenses & make mpi communication between selected workstations


6. Now user can select an existing job / create a new job & submit for solving!


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