Help : abaqus command

In the following execution procedures, “abaqus” refers to the command
used to run Abaqus.

Obtaining information

abaqus {help | information={environment | local | memory | release |
support | system | all} [job=job-name] | whereami}

Abaqus/Standard, Abaqus/Explicit, and Abaqus/CFD execution

abaqus job=job-name [analysis | datacheck | parametercheck | continue |
convert={select | odb | state | all} | recover |
syntaxcheck | information={environment | local |
memory | release | support | system | all}]
[user={source-file | object-file}]
[fil={append | new}]
[globalmodel={results file-name |
output database file-name}]
[parallel={domain | loop}]
[mp_mode={mpi | threads}]
[standard_parallel={all | solver}]
[gpu={NVIDIA | OFF}]
[interactive | background | queue=[queue-name]
[double={explicit | both | off | constraint}]
[output_precision={single | full}]
[port=co-simulation port-number]
[host=co-simulation hostname]
[listenerport=Co-Simulation Engine listener
[remoteconnections=Co-Simulation Engine remote
connection host:port-number]
[timeout=co-simulation timeout value in seconds]
[unconnected_regions={yes | no}]

Abaqus/Standard, Abaqus/Explicit, and Abaqus/CFD
co-simulation execution

abaqus cosimjob=cosim-job-name job=comma-separated pair of job names
[cpus={number-of-cpus | comma-separated pair of number-of-cpus}]
[cpuratio=comma-separated pair of weight factors specifying
cpu allocation to child analyses]
[interactive | background | queue=[queue-name][after=time]]
[timeout=co-simulation timeout value in seconds]
[portpool=colon-separated pair of socket port numbers]
[input=comma-separated pair of input-file names]
[user=comma-separated pair of {source-file | object-file} names]
[globalmodel=comma-separated pair of {results file |
output database file} names]
[memory=comma-separated pair of memory-sizes]
[oldjob=comma-separated pair of oldjob-names]
[double=comma-separated pair of double precision executable
[scratch=comma-separated pair of scratch-dir names]
[output_precision=comma-separated pair of {single | full}]

Abaqus/CAE execution

abaqus cae [database=database-file] [replay=replay-file]
[recover=journal-file] [startup=startup-file]
[script=script-file] [noGUI=[noGUI-file]] [noenvstartup]
[noSavedOptions] [noStartupDialog] [custom=script-file]
[GUITester={GUI-script-file}] [guiRecord] [guiNoRecord]

Abaqus/Viewer execution

abaqus viewer [database=database-file] [replay=replay-file]
[startup=startup-file] [script=script-file]
[noGUI=[noGUI-file]] [noenvstartup]
[noSavedOptions] [noStartupDialog] [custom=script-file]
[GUITester={GUI-script-file}] [guiRecord] [guiNoRecord]

Python execution

abaqus python [script-file]

Parametric studies

abaqus script [=script-file] [startup=startup file-name]

Abaqus HTML documentation

abaqus doc

Licensing utilities

abaqus licensing [lmstat | lmdiag | lmpath | lmtools]

ASCII translation of results (.fil) files

abaqus ascfil job=job-name [input=input-file]

Joining results (.fil) files

abaqus append job=job-name oldjob=oldjob-name input=input-file

Querying the keyword/problem database


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