LS-OPT 4.2 Submit Script for LSF

Below is the LS-OPT 4.2 job submission script for IBM Platform LSF


#Export LSOPT Variables
export LSOPT="/[application path]/LSOPT_EXE/"
export LSOPT_WRAPPER="/[application path]/LSOPT_EXE/wrapper"

#Export LS-Dyna Network License; if available
export LSTC_LICENSE=network
export LSTC_LICENSE_SERVER=[server name/ip]

#Export the application executable
APPLICATION=/[application path]/

#Set the number of CPUs
cpu=[No. of CPUs]

#Submit the job
bsub -q [queue name] -R "rusage[lsdyna_lic=$cpu:duration=90s]" -o output.%J.txt -e error.%J.txt -n $cpu $LSOPT_WRAPPER $APPLICATION ncpu=$cpu i=DynaOpt.inp


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