Save your script/code with syntax highlighted using vim editor

Have you ever come across a situation where you need to save your code/script as a PDF file with syntax highlighted using vim editor?

Follow the below steps to archive the same

1. Open your script/code in vim editor

2. Enable syntax & set the required color scheme
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Add new node to existing Platform LSF Cluster

If the new host type already exists

See if the new node is of the same type (eg. linux2.6-glibc2.3-x86_64) as those existing in the cluster.
If it does, a sub directory named (eg. linux2.6-glibc2.3-x86_64) with its type will exist in LSF_TOP/7.0

1. Log on to the master host as root,
2. add the hosts to lsf.cluster.cluster_name (file can be fount at LSF_TOP/conf). If they are servers, specify 1, otherwise specify 0. You can use !  for model and type for automatic detection.
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Infiniband Connectivity Test

When you receive a new cluster, you’ll want to test the various components to make sure everything is working. Here we’ll take a look at how to do some very basic Infiniband connectivity tests to ensure your links are up and running at the correct speed. There are several different tools and methods you can use, but we’ll just cover a few.

My environment
• Frontend: Dell PER710
• Compute Nodes: PER410 x 64
• Infiniband Connectx-2 IB Cards
• Qlogic 12800-040 IB Switch
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Restrict VSFTP users to their home directory

By default VSFTP allows users to travel across the file system (eg. /bin, /usr, /opt, etc.,). But VSFTP provided an option to restrict all or selected users to their respective home directory by following the below simple procedure.

Restrict all the users

1. In the vsftp configuration file (/etc/vsftpd/vsftp.conf), search for “chroot_local_user “ and uncomment it


2. Save the file & restart the service

                     service vsftpd restart

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Ganglia Monitoring Tool Installation & Configuration Guide

You all may know that Ganglia is an open source monitoring tool for High Performance Computing (HPC) and by default it works on multicast. But It can be used to monitor heterogeneous unix environment as well. Here is the procedure to install & configure the tool to monitor Linux & IBM AIX servers which are interconnected with different network subnets.

Download Packages:

• For Linux:


• For AIX:


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Shell script to Binary executable file Conversion

If you wise to distribute your script but don’t want anyone to modification or inspection, follow the below procedure to protect the script by converting to binary executable format.

  1. Write a shell script. eg.
  2. If your system runs on RHEL5, Download & Install “shc” rpm from  For other version of OS, download & install the appropriate rpm version
  1. Execute the following commandshc –v –e 20/03/2011 –m “Command expired” –r  –T  –f  <>
  • v Verbose compilation
  • -r Relax security. Make a redistributable binary which executes on different systems running the same operating system.
  • -T Allow binary to be traceable (using strace, ptrace, truss, etc.)
  • -f <script name> File name of the script to compile
  • -e <dd/mm/yyyy> Expiration date in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • -m <message> message to display upon expiration
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My Best Collection of Quotes

What we really are matters more than what other people think of us. -Jawaharlal Nehru

Every new idea is a joke… Until, one man achieves it. –Albert Einstein

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. -Bill Gates

There is a great difference between worry and concern. A worried person sees a problem, and a concerned person solves a problem. -Harold Stephens

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. -Will Rogers

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction. -John F. Kennedy

Efficiency is doing things right; Effectiveness is doing the right things. -Peter F. Drucker
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